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Tea Ceremony, Kimono Fitting and 2 hour Sightseeing Tour

Tour Code: ALT0017/ 5 hours / Tokyo Half Day Tour


This is a great opportunity to experience the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, try Japanese Kimono and take a few pictures, then go explore and shop in Ginza in Kimono! The Japanese tea ceremony, also called the Way of Tea, is a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha, powdered green tea. In Japanese, it is called chanoyu or sado, and it is much more than making and drinking of tea. It has evolved into a compilation of art forms in life, from aesthetic items such as china, architecture and garden to philosophical ideals and religion. In recent years, matcha has reached yet another level of popularity when it is incorporated into sweets and soft drinks all over the world. In this tour, you will be ushered to a Tatami room, sit quietly to experience zen calmness, and drink tea from a delicate china. Are you ready for the taste of quiet refinement and serenity?

After a brief moment of inner enlightenment, it is now time to enjoy material things by getting dolled-up and go shopping! Professional kimono dressers will help you put on kimono before going out to Ginza. After strolling around and taking a few snapshots in the world renowned fashion and cultural centre in kimono, you will treasure this experience for years to come. It��s time for you to enjoy two of the main Japanese cultural experience at first-hand in Ginza!

*During the "Tea Ceremony" portion of the tour, you will not just taste tea. You will take part in the tea making process from grinding tea leafs with stone to whisking powdered green tea.

Popular sightseeing spots after tea ceremony
- Shopping at Ginza
- Imperial Palace
- Kabuki theater

Tour Details

5 Hours
Ginza in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Pick up & Drop off:
Your Hotel or Anywhere within Tokyo's 23 wards
Not included
English (Your chauffeur will guide you in English)


Your Chauffeur will pick you up at your hotel or anywhere within Tokyo's 23 wards.

  1. Tea Ceremony in Ginza
  2. Kimono Dressing
  3. Picture taking at Kabuki theater
  4. Semi Custom-made sightseeing trip in Tokyo (based on our recommendation, neighboring Ginza) or Shopping in Ginza (2 hours)

Your Chauffeur will drop off at your hotel or anywhere within Tokyo's 23 wards.

*Important Reminder

-Tour subject to facility availability of tea ceremony and/or kimono shop (depending on schedule, there may not be any opening)

-At least 5 day advance reservation is required. <
-Due to lack of parking nearby, a short walk (5-10 minutes) from your car to the facility is necessary..

Terms, Conditions and Cancellation Policy on all our Tours

(the "Tours", hereunder)
  • The length and site coverage of the Tours is subject to change, based on traffic condition, parking availability and other unforeseen circumstances that are common to Tokyo metropolitan area, and/or unexpected conditions that prevents us to complete a tour in part or full.
  • Your chauffeur may not be able to accompany you and your party to certain locations when a parking for a limousine is not readily available on site. In such situation, your chauffeur may choose to provide you with relevant information about sites inside a vehicle, and answer any questions you may have prior to your excursion on your own.
  • The quoted price on the Tours include tolls, parking fees and entrance fees, not include Lunch costs.
  • The Tours are subject to extra charge (usually 20% of the base price) in case of early morning and late night departure and/or arrival.
  • Some tours may not be available on requested dates due to holiday schedule or a scheduled closure of business.
    Please inquire details when making a reservation.
  • We reserve the right to assign a type of vehicle (Sedan or Minivan) most suitable for your trip, based on the size of your party.
  • Our tour images are for illustrative purposes only.

Cancellation Policy

The following fees will apply to the cancellation.

For Sedan or Minivan Tours:

Less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time (local time): 50% of Total Price
Less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time (local time): 100% of Total Price


Our Services

Our Chauffeurs Provide;

  • Tour guide service in English
  • Taking photos service for your memory
  • Shopping accompanying service
  • Suggestion and reservation for your lunch spot
  • Anniversary gift service

* These service above are subject to change due to local circumstances.

In-Car Services;

  • Free Wi-Fi service
  • Bottled water service
  • Refreshments service

Customize Your Tour

Whether you wish to modify a tour package on our website or have a special holiday built from scratch,
We can customize the ideal itinerary for you.

Some examples for your tours:

Tea ceremony
Kimono Wearing
Anime Shops
Various Museums
Latest Electronics
Traditional Crafts
International Brands
Luxury (Michelin star) /local Restaurants
Early Morning Tuna Auction
Sake Tasting
Cooking classes

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