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Luxury Chauffeur Service in Tokyo

We use the term "drivers" but we mean "chauffeurs."

All of our chauffeurs are experienced and trained. They are required to go through our rigorous training program, including a written test on our policy, procedures and standards of service and client etiquette. Their final show of skill is a driving test where they are critiqued on their driving skills. We feel that you are not just renting a luxury limousine but also hiring a knowledgeable and experienced personal assistant that can help in making your trip a truly unforgettable event.

English Speaking Chauffeurs

We have the largest number of English speaking chauffeurs (TOEIC scores of 700 or above) in Japan. They guide and show you around Tokyo in English, no extra charge!

Drive, Plan and Guide

Our chauffeurs are completely different from other companies’ chauffeurs. We not only drive you to your destination, but also make a plan and guide you and your guests while in Tokyo. We hear your requests directly, makes out a special itinerary for you, and escort you throughout your visit in Tokyo and surrounding area.

Our ability to plan and escort guests has been recognized by many of our international executive clients.

Chauffeur’s Appearance and Hermès Tie

Our chauffeurs pay particularly attention to their appearance. We dress in a dark suit, an Hermès tie and a pocket square for men and a scarf for women, a white shirt and black shoes.

Why do we wear Hermès items? Hermès claims most of their items are crafted by one artisan from start to finish, in order to maintain quality and uniqueness of Hermès products. We always keep that in mind, and respect their management philosophy when we wear the items every day.

Highlighted Personalized Service

We put a lot emphasis on personalized customer service, so we make note of our client’s preferences. Once becoming our customer, we will remember all of your preferences; whether you like fresh air or air conditioning, what music you prefer, whether you like to have conversation or just want to enjoy the silence of the comfortable ride.

Special Request Options:

  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • AC Charger
  • Bottled Water
  • English Newspapers

Japanese Hospitality

Our chauffeurs provide the high-quality service that makes their experiences memorable.

The Japanese word for hospitality is O mo te na shi. This means "The host anticipates the needs of the guest in advance and offers a pleasant service that guests don't expect."

We are committed to making our guest feel a great deal of hospitality, to being always entertaining and to providing a very pleasant ride under O mo te na shi spilit.

Our hospitality Services are:

  • One stop service
  • Gift service for you and your clients’ anniversary.
  • Seasonal event service (Valentine’s Day, Christmas)
  • Music Service
  • Hand Towel Service for rainy day
  • Coffee Service for morning meeting
  • Flower Service for your anniversary.
  • Photo Service for your memory.
  • Tourism Information.
  • Japanese Language Lesson.


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